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A local chiropractor has warned Dorset businesses they could face costly legal action if they don’t take care of their staff.

Chiropractor, Sean Phelps, is seeing an increase in work-related health problems among his practices in Harley street and Dorset UK. 



He says the biggest complaint by far is bad posture brought about by poor seating, work station and IT facilities in offices around the counties.

And with staff having successfully sued employers in America, Sean reckons it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before posture issues will land a UK company in court.

He explained: “There is a question I am asking people – is your posture killing you”? It’s strong I know but bad posture means bad health. Bad health kills and people need to be aware of that.

Unfortunately ensuring good posture in the work place is not necessarily a priority for business owners, especially in these days of economic hardship. But the alternative might be very expensive.

Employers have a duty to look after their staff’s health and welfare. That means providing seating, work stations and other facilities that encourage and maintain good posture.

Failure to do so could prove tricky for UK firms, as has proved the case in America. Over there a number of high-profile companies have been successfully sued by employees who have suffered because of bad posture.

Obviously there’s a big sue culture in the States but it’s only a matter of time before we see the same thing happening in the UK. And if what’s happened over there is anything to go by, it could be very costly to company owners.

With poor posture leading to a range of ailments, Sean says it makes sense for companies to help prevent it.

Bad posture can lead to a whole multitude of problems”, he explained. “From back pain to headaches, to breathing difficulties and fatigue. These sort of conditions will obviously lead to staff sickness and so it makes perfect sense to do what you can to help as an employer.”

Small, inexpensive alterations to things like keyboard and monitor positions can make a big difference to people’s health. They can also help ensure that there is no danger of costly legal action in the future.

To help Dorset businesses get it right, Dr Sean is offering free advice to companies big or small.

When you are trying to run a business you don’t get time to think about these sort of things and so I’m happy to do it for you”, he added.

People can give me a call and have a chat or I’d be happy to come into businesses and offer advice or talk to staff about ways to avoid bad posture.

Be it a small business employing a couple of people up to firms employing hundreds, I’d be happy to help.”

For more information contact Sean Phelps 0758 3861010

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